• Generate Savings

    Generate Savings Through Increased Purchasing Power

    Participation in our purchasing consortium provides members with the following benefits at no cost:

    1. No membership fees.
    2. FREE shipping from most vendor partners.
    3. Significant cost savings - members can save up to 83% by utilizing contracts we pre-negotiate - which helps increase profit margins and improve efficiency.
    4. Flexibility in selecting contracts that match specific business needs.
    5. Member advocacy, ongoing support, and unmatched service to ensure members always receive the very best we have to offer.

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  • Starting Out

    Are you starting a new company or have you just started a company?

    PowerBuy 4 You is the first organization you come to for getting your business side up and running.

    We can help you in many ways such as: website design, lab and office supply accounts, shipping, phones, credit card processing and many more.

  • Strong Leadership and Relationships

    PowerBuy 4 You has been helping Wisconsin Biotechnology companies grow with our steady leadership through building strong relationships and earning customers trust. With our 30+ years of experience in the Wisconsin Biotechnology field, it has been our passion for us to do everything we can to help strengthen this culture. While Wisconsin Biotechnology has been one of our main focus's in Wisconsin, we look forward to future growth in other States.

  • PowerBuy 4 You Offers

    PowerBuy 4 You offers you the availability to purchase goods and services with our Discount Purchasing Program. This program pools buying power together with many companies to increase the overall discount for all companies with no membership fees to access these prices. PowerBuy 4 You regularly assists our members find new partners, suppliers, customers, and regional connections.

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Aberdean is dedicated to leveraging existing and emerging technologies to provide the highest level of service to our clients. Our service delivery and corporate values will be the foundation for the trusted advisor status we hope to earn with each client http://ow.ly/E6Ax30jv4Xv
2018-04-25 20:30:17
Traversing Omics with Mass Spectrometry for Advanced Personal Healthcare http://ow.ly/UiQi30jDSW6 WI Tech Council Biotech Biz Guy Univ Research Park BioNetWork PowerHour
2018-04-25 13:50:07

Latest News & Events

  • Upcoming BioNetWork Power Hour
  • BioNetWork Power Hour Sept, 22nd 2016, Picture Gallery
  • BioNetWork Power Hour May 5th, 2016 Gallery
  • BioNetWork Power Hour, Sept. 17th, 2015
Another successful BioNetWork Power Hour. View photo's here. Read More
The May 5th, 2016 BioNetWork Power Hour was another huge success. We had a great turnout and we couldn’t have enjoyed better weather. Many thanks to all of our sponsors especially our major sponsor Fisher Scientific. Lastly, thank you to the attendees that dropped off food and donated money to Second Harvest Foodbank. Read More
Even stormy weather didn't stop the BioNetWork Power Hour from having a phenomenal event. Thanks to all of you who attended and helped pack the tent! View Photo Gallery of this event Read More

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BioNetWork Power Hour Event!!

Thursday, May 25th, 2017 From 4-7 pm
At University Research Park
View all details Here

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PowerBuy4You Traversing Omics with Mass Spectrometry for Advanced Personal Healthcare https://t.co/Pn7ERFzeVB WI Tech Council Bi… https://t.co/xHtqWNxY8Y
PowerBuy4You Fisher Scientific offers over 800,000 products to support your research, bringing you leading name brands you know… https://t.co/hvM3MCkWCG
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PowerBuy4You Researchers ID “Key Factor” in Development of Parkinson's https://t.co/JGoZdqml4t WI Tech Council Univ Research Par… https://t.co/8gtXnypyxl
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